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Milestone ARCUS™ Surveillance Software

When specialists in their respective fields join forces, the world can expect great things!

Milestone Arcus™ is a video surveillance platform designed to be embedded in hardware devices,
enabling Milestone hardware technology partners to deliver customized, market-ready solutions.

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Why Milestone Arcus

Milestone pre-configures and embeds the surveillance platform into hardware devices running Linux, Mac OSX® or Microsoft®Windows® operating systems to quickly produce combined solutions to a market that increasingly demands low-complexity surveillance solutions. The all-in-one solution is ready-to-use, intuitive, compatible with a flexible choice of supported cameras and available at accessible price points. Milestone Arcus Surveillance

Hardware technology partners can expand their product range without the need to develop their own video management software (VMS). By leveraging Milestone’s expertise and brand, partners can deliver an exclusive, co-branded solution to the market, at low risk and low cost.

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Milestone Arcus™ Success Story
Video surveillance is a click away for My Cloud NAS users

The Challenge

Western Digital® (WD) is a world leader in network storage solutions. New functions are constantly being added to the popular My Cloud NAS (network attached storage) series.

When the market asked for video surveillance functionality, WD reached out to global video management solutions industry leader Milestone Systems:

How could My Cloud NAS become a best-in-class, reliable, simple and easy to use video surveillance system for My Cloud NAS users?

The Solution

Milestone Arcus™ is an embedded software solution for hardware that transforms My Cloud NAS into networked video recording (NVR) systems for small offices or homes. This serves two purposes: My Cloud NAS works as a small business or in-home network storage system, centralizing and protecting critical data from all PC and Mac computers in a workplace or home allowing remote access to that data from anywhere. It also becomes a full-fledged surveillance system with the download of the Milestone Arcus surveillance application on selected My Cloud NAS models.

Special Offer: Free Camera Licenses

Right now and until December 31, 2016, WD offers free camera licenses to their customers.

Find out more about this WD My Cloud NAS with Milestone Arcus software solution:

Easy to install
Easy to install

The initial deployment is intuitive and completed within minutes after connecting all devices. 

  1. Switch on the video surveillance solution to scan, configure and begin automatically recording surveillance video from all devices
  2. Log into the all-in-one user interface from any web browser to fine-tune all devices or check for one-click video surveillance system updates for a quick and trouble-free handover

Should there be any issues with the system, alarm notifications will enable action to be taken in the fulfillment of service agreements.

Easy to use
Easy to use

The solution is intuitive, robust and requires little or no maintenance.

Milestone provides a future-proof solution by continually developing its cutting-edge video surveillance platform and making it available through one-click system updates.

Flexibly to choose between using a web browser or mobile device to operate your video surveillance solution:

  1. Log in to the all-in-one intuitive user interface from any web browser to operate the surveillance solution or view live video, search and export video evidence
  2. Download Milestone Mobile, an application for smartphones and tablets available from Google Play and the App Store℠. Milestone Mobile offers convenience and greater awareness when on-the-go, enabling any follow-up action to be taken where necessary.Learn more about the Milestone Mobile application for Milestone Arcus


Milestone Arcus partner materials

Watch the Milestone Arcus partner demonstration video
on how to set up the Razberi Technologies Server Switch.

Milestone Arcus partner flyers

Milestone ARCUS Surveillance Software


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