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Kustom Falcon HR K-band Radar Gun (Traffic Safety RADAR)

The reliable choice for hand-held Directional K-Band RADAR.

  • Simple interface with LCD graphics
  • Ability to track multiple targets with Digital Signal Processing
  • Available in hand-held or as a dash mounted device.
  • High Performance, Low Power
  • Longer battery operating times


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HR K-band Radar_1.pngHand-held Directional K-band Radar Gun. The Falcon HR has been long established as the reliable choice for those working to a tight budget. With direction sensing technology, the Falcon HR displays the target’s direction of travel and isolates traffic in one direction using K-Band radar.

High Performance

  • Directional Doppler RADAR system for target identi­cation
  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP) for tracking multiple targets
  • Supports tracking history after target lock with “Track through lock”
  • Smart Patrol Search rejects inaccurate patrol speeds
  • TruTrak™ VSS interface, with dash mount option, allows automatic mode switching between moving and stationary modes eliminating patrol shadowing and combining errors (moving option)
  • Displays fastest target quicker than leading competitor

Low Power

  • FCC Type 15 device
  • Long battery life and low transmitted power

HR K-band Radar_2Easy to Read

  • LCD non-multiplexed display for improved readability in direct sunlight
  • LED backlight for nighttime operation
  • Simple push button user interface
  • Auto self-test with every locked target E

Operational Configurations

  • Moving same lane option
  • NHTSA Conforming Products List
  • Handle on or pod mount for moving operation
  • Narrow 12º beam width for improved targeting
  • Upgradeable to moving operation with IR or wired remote
  • Interchangeable accessories with the Talon family including battery handle and pod mount

HR K-band Radar_3.pngSpecifications

Frequency K-band 24.125 GHz (+/- 100 MHz)
Beam Width 12˚ horizontal
Operating Voltage Corded: 10 to 16.5V DC,

Cordless: 7.2V DC (nominal)

Weight: 2.0 lbs. (0.9 kg) with battery handle
Speed Accuracy: Stationary +/- 1 mph (+/- 1 kph)

Moving: +1/- 2 mph (+1/-2 kph)

Standard Warranty: 2 Years




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