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Fixed ALPR Camera Solutions

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Durability and longevity of operating environments

On-board processor and integrated software

Designed to provide accuracy while maintaining affordability

Superior image quality and accurate performance

Capable of capturing 60fps

Geographically dispersed organisations

Works alongside clients' existing cloud service

Delivering flexible, secure and configurable user access to digital evidence

Cloud or on premise deployment options

Controlled access from partner agencis

Integrates with Command and Control Platform

Secure, one-time-use link sent text message


Share link with responder's mobile device

Confirms caller location to speed response


for Identification of Explosives,

Hazmat, Narcotics and More

Non-Destructive Analysis

B&W Tek

Advanced Mixture Analysis

Technology and Innovation for Public Safety

Integrys Public Safety and Security provides market-leading technology solutions to police departments, border security agencies, correctional facilities and other such operations where people are in harms way. A sub-brand of the ACA subsidiary Integrys, Integrys Public Safety and Security focuses on video and video management, particularly in situations where evidential information is required. This includes digital recording in interview rooms, body-worn cameras, license plate reading systems, in-car video systems, surveillance solutions and digital evidence management software systems. Integrys Public Safety and Security products not only help with the acquisition and management of evidential information, they also support decision-making in environments, such as control rooms, where critical decisions about whether to dispatch personnel, for example, are made.

Featured Products

    • High-Brightness Touch Screen Display
    • Embedded 1 & 2 Dimensional Barcode Scanner
    • IP-64 Dust Tight and Splash Proof Rated Housing
    • Sampling Accessories for Almost Any Environment
    • Batch Scanning Option for Large Volume Operation
    • Intuitive Software for Technical & Non-technical Users
    • Wi-Fi & Ethernet Communication for Data Sync & Management


    • Front and Rear Scan Mode switches display to the target of interest (patent pending)
    • Faster processing provides greater targeting range and improved target acquisition
    • TruTrak™ with patent pending Wireless Speed Sensing (WSS) eliminates VSS and controversial OBD II use
    • Improved performance in poor weather (WSS)
    • Automatic radar log stores locked target data, fork tests and GPS marked location to internal memory easily downloaded to spreadsheet.
    • eFork™ electronic tuning fork in remote control replaces traditional tuning forks
    • Advanced tuning fork test method with mandatory option simplifies testing procedures (patented)
    • Fan noise and interference learning
    • Recertification notification with optional lock out (patent pending)
    • DuraTrak™ tracking bars improve target confidence (patented)
    • QuikTrak™ one button target tracking with lock (patented)



    • Flexible operation (handheld or dash-mount)
    • Corded removable handle
    • Target speed lock


    • Continuous surveillance of high-traffic areas.
    • Monitoring areas of high criminal activity at a safe distance.
    • Enables rapid, efficient, and appropriate deployment of resources.
    • Fully integrated cameras are rugged and compact, incorporating the fixed ALPR camera, illuminator and processor within a single sealed enclosure.
    • Identification and real-time enforcement of frequent toll violators.

    Fixed Wide Lane ALPR Camera P492 – Fully integrated, web-enabled Camera with added power for a wiser field of view

    Fixed  ALPR Camera P392+ – ALPR Camera with in illuminator and processor

  • The PIPS Mobile Systems provide powerful, efficient and reliable solution for long-term mobile ALPR operation to maximize investigative capabilities.

    • Offers high resolution coverage for a full lane of traffic with up to two concurrent vehicles in the field of view.
    • Instantly checks captured plates against one or more databases of interest to immediately alert officers of hits.
    • Increases spatial awareness for improved officer safety.
    • Enhances proactive, preventative enforcement by enabling more intelligent investigations and data sharing across jurisdictions.
    • Back Office System Software stores all collected data in a central location to support data analysis, data queries and reporting for law enforcement investigations (in accordance with each jurisdiction’s data retention policy).


  • Display: 4.3” LED Backlit Touch Monitor, 16.7M Color Depth
    Audio: 900 Mhz Digital Spread Spectrum Body Mic, or
    COBAN FOCUS X1 Body Camera
    HD Cameras: Up to 6 HD Cameras, 2 Standard
    Horizontal 120 Degrees + / Vertical 50 Degrees FOV
    Front Camera with CPL Optical Filter, 0.1 Lux
    Rear Camera w/ invisible IR LEDs & Auto IR-Cut Filter, 0 Lux
    MIL-SPEC: MIL-STD-810G, ISO7637-2, Camera Impact IK9
    Video Resolution: 1080P/720P
    System: 128 GB Solid State Internal Drive
    64 GB Solid State AES-256 Encrypted Removable Drive
    Built-in 802.11 a/g/n/ac
    Connectivity: Gigabit Ethernet, USB
    Five Inputs including Ignition, Light Bar, Brake, & General
    NFC/RFID Reader/Writer, GPS, Wireless Trigger Dock
    HDMI Output
  • EvidenceWorks® Interview Recording Solution (IRS) is the UK’s market leading solution and proven digital interview recording technology for capturing evidentially sound recordings of interviews with suspects, victims and witnesses. The system is used widely across UK Police Forces and other UK and International government agencies including the International Courts of Justice where the evidential integrity of the interview is of paramount importance.


  • When specialists in their respective fields join forces, the world can expect great things!

    Milestone Arcus™ is a video surveillance platform designed to be embedded in hardware devices,
    enabling Milestone hardware technology partners to deliver customized, market-ready solutions.

  • Stream Resolution up to 1920 x 1080 @ 60 Hz, 3840 x 2160 @ 30 Hz
    Connector Type 4x DisplayPort


    • Decoding and display of up to 10x 2K or 2x 4K resolution IP streams
    • Up to 16 DisplayPort outputs
    • Models for 2K and 4K in/out
    • Dynamic H.264 and H.265 decoding
    • Scripting interface for external system control
    • HDCP 1.4 compliant


  • Cost-effective, high-performance HDTV PTZ domes

    • Continuous 360° pan
    • Outdoor-ready HDTV 1080p/720p models
    • Day/night functionality
    • Focus recall
    • Axis’ Zipstream technology
    • 120 dB Wide Dynamic Range – Forensic Capture
    • Shock detection & Advanced Gatekeeper


  • World’s smallest HDTV bullet-style network camera

    • Stylish and functional design
    • HDTV 720p
    • Edge storage
    • Axis’ Corridor Format
    • IP66-rated camera unit


  • Outdoor IP67,  H.264 Dual Spectrum Visible and LWIR

    • Command CoreTM Action Engine
    • Superior Visible Imaging and Optics
    • Rugged Construction
    • Advanced Night Vision Performance
    • Installation and Interoperability


Recent Testimonial

“I think of Integrys as a partner in solving engineering hurdles. They provide a unique solution in helping us overcome compatibility issues—and are not merely a reseller of parts.”

– Mihai Gitan, Project Manager, CAE, Flight Simulators

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About Integrys Public Safety and Security

Integrys Public Safety and Security provides market-leading technology solutions to police departments, border security agencies, correctional facilities and other such operations where people are in harms way. A sub-brand of the ACA subsidiary Integrys, Integrys Public Safety and Security focuses on video and video management, particularly in situations where evidential information is required.

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