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PIPS Mobile ALPR Camera (P634)

The PIPS Mobile Systems provide powerful, efficient and reliable solution for long-term mobile ALPR operation to maximize investigative capabilities.

  • Offers high resolution coverage for a full lane of traffic with up to two concurrent vehicles in the field of view.
  • Instantly checks captured plates against one or more databases of interest to immediately alert officers of hits.
  • Increases spatial awareness for improved officer safety.
  • Enhances proactive, preventative enforcement by enabling more intelligent investigations and data sharing across jurisdictions.
  • Back Office System Software stores all collected data in a central location to support data analysis, data queries and reporting for law enforcement investigations (in accordance with each jurisdiction’s data retention policy).


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Mobile ALPR Camera (P634)

The PIPS TechnologyTM Mobile ALPR Camera is a dual camera that incorporates infrared illumination for effective license plate imaging and a color camera to provide a vehicle overview image. Using a proprietary technique, known internally as “Triple-flash” technology, this covert camera can effectively suppress ambient light such as headlights and bright sunlight. This helps to reduce the image quality differences caused by plate-to-plate quality variations. PIPS Mobile ALPR Camera P634 


  • Dual camera sensors provide infrared license plate images and color vehicle overview images.
  • Proprietary “Triple-Flash” technology.
  • Compact, low-profile.


  • Superior image quality and accurate performance.
  • Provides durability and longevity in on-street operating environments.
  • Sleek design helps to maintain light bar visibility.
  • Capable of capturing 60 fps.
  • IP67 compliant.
  • Use varying flash, shutter and gain settings to ensure a high quality image in
    a variety of weather or lighting conditions
The PIPS Mobile ALPR Cameras are available in multiple calibrations. In conjunction with the placement on the vehicle, these cameras are designed to meet the specific needs of almost any agency.

Traffic Camera – Primarily suited for adjacent lane traffic application. It is designed for longer-range traffic applications such as interstate and highway patrol. This camera is most often mounted on the patrol vehicle looking forward into each adjacent lane.

Short Traffic Camera – Suited for urban deployments with slower moving city traffic and streets lined with parked vehicles. Also capable of reading across two lanes of traffic. 

Parking Camera – Serves a very unique application for dedicated parking patrols. This camera is most commonly mounted on the passenger side looking out 90 degrees from the patrol vehicle.

Long Parking Camera – This camera is typically mounted on the driver side looking out 45 degrees from the patrol vehicle.

Mobile Camera Specifications

7 1/8 ” x4” x2” (18.1 x 10.2 x 5.1 cm)
Weight 2lbs. (0.9kg)
Mechanics Extruded metal casting with piston sealed lens.
Full resolution 752 x 480 pixels in both IR and color lens
Frame rate 60 fps (at full resolution)
Optical format 1/3 inch
Communications RS- 232 levels upon proprietary commands
Video output Dual serialized LVDS digital video for both the infrared (IR) and color video
Operating Temperature -20C to 60C
Illumination Wavelength 750nm, 810nm and 950nm
Focal Distance Optimized focal distance of 9ft to 30ft
Enclosure IP67
Shock Resistance Mil Std. 810F Method 514.5C-17 (random), MIL810F Method 514.5C-18 (sine), EN60068 2-27 (shock)
Safety CE, EN 61000-4-3 (Radiated Immunity), FCC Part 15 and EN 55022, tested and meet “eye safe” certification standards

Supplementary Components

Cable Shielded CAT6 with a standard length of 15 ft (4.6m)
Connectors Metal IP67- sealed connectors
PIPS Mobile ALPR Camera P634


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