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Capita 911eye Emergency Streaming

911eye enables a caller with a smartphone to stream Live footage, direct from their phone’s camera, into the Communications Center, providing vital live footage that allows dispatchers to make more informed decisions on mobilising the correct resources.

  • Secure, one-time-use link sent by text message
  • Works on any smart device and operating system – using SMS ensures widest possible take-up – No app required
  • Real-time Live video stream viewable by Dispatcher
  • Maintains voice contact with caller while images are transmitted
  • Still images available in Lower signal coverage
  • Secure cloud-hosted service and 15027001 Information Security assurance
  • Confirms caller location to speed response
  • Can reduce hoax call mobilisations
  • Integrates with Command and Control platform
  • Share link with responder’s mobile device
  • Share link with partner agencies


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On-Scene Live Video

Dispatchers are under time pressure to question 911 callers to ascertain what is wrong, where they are, who they are and who is in danger in order to dispatch the right resources. Capita 911eye Emergency Streaming

911eye live footage offers instant ‘on-scene eyes’ to the dispatchers, helping them assess the scenario and better select the appropriate resources to dispatch to the incident. They can also provide more qualified information to partner agencies to help manage the incident more effectively.

911eye live footage also provides invaluable additional information to responding crews who have been mobilised to the incident, supplementing the information initially taken from the 911 call.

How it works

911eye doesn’t require anyone to download and install an app, instead it works by the dispatcher sending an SMS text message to the smartphone of the caller. By clicking on the URL link contained within the text message, a secure ‘one-time-use’ live video stream is enabled* allowing the 911 dispatcher to see the incident, assess how serious it is and help them decide what response to deploy.

Once online 911eye will also enable the phone’s loud-speaker so the dispatcher can converse with the caller white the video is streaming.

Importantly, no footage is stored on the user’s handset. And if the caller has poor signal, or the handset doesn’t support video, they can opt to send still photo images instead.

When integrated into the Communications Center the video captured by 911eye can be downloaded and stored in order to secure crucial evidence as an incident unfolds.

However, public safety is of paramount importance and 911eye should be used at the discretion of the dispatcher based on agreed operating procedures to ensure that members of the public are not placed at any risk when using the service.

Capita 911eye
Capita 911eye Emergency Streaming


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