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B&W Tek TacticID®-1064 All-Inclusive Handheld Raman for Identification of Explosives, Hazmat, Narcotics & More

  • Add user-created library items quickly
  • Easily to stay one step ahead of emerging threats.
  • Increase user safety by scanning through plastics, bottles and other translucent packaging materials.
  • GHS and NFPA704 safety information displays
  • Manage data, send results, update software/libraries
  • Add custom notes to a scan result anytime, anywhere with the touch screen interface
  • Take photos at the scene and record any sample info
  • 24/7/365 emergency support and spectral analysis.


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BW Tek TacticID 1064 Handheld Spectral Analysis Instrument 

The TacticID®-1064 is a field-ready handheld spectral analysis instrument designed for non-contact forensic analysis by safety personnel and first responders, including law enforcement personnel, bomb squads, customs and border patrol, hazmat technicians, and more. The TacticID-1064 utilizes proven Raman spectroscopy, allowing users to get real-time actionable identification of unknown chemicals, explosives, narcotics, pharmaceutical drugs and many other substances while reducing operational uncertainty and response time. By utilizing the 1064nm wavelength, the TacticID-1064 avoids fluorescence, allowing users to get results in less than 1 minute even when working with tough street samples. BW Tek TacticID 1064 Handheld Spectral Analysis Instrument


We offer a full suite of software packages designed for all levels of users, from novice to expert. Our spectral data acquisition allows you to easily collect and export data as well as provide basic post-processing and analysis functions such as smoothing, dark subtraction and baseline correction. For users who only require a “pass/fail” analysis, we provide you with our quantitative analysis packages which correlate your collected data to a known library, which supports all requirements for FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance. For advanced users interested in multi-variant chemometric analysis capabilities, we offer the most advanced quantitative spectral analysis software on the market, featuring high speed sparse linear algebra algorithms and our proprietary airPLS baseline correction. For those of you that are interested in building your own software or integrating a unit into a larger system, we also provide a full software development kit (SDK) with detailed function calls to our .DLL files. This comprehensive line of spectral acquisition and analysis software provides you with the solution you need for any application.


At B&W Tek, we believe in providing all of the elements for your solution, making the journey to find an answer faster and easier.

B&W Tek boasts a wide range of fiber-optically coupled accessories for our modular spectrometers to offer you nearly limitless utility. These include light sources, sample holders, fibers & probes, and integrating spheres. Additionally, we have a wide variety of sampling accessories designed to couple directly with our fiber optic Raman probes to allow for quick and easy sampling of solids, liquids and gases.


Excitation Wavelength 1064 nm +/-0.5nm
Laser Output Power 420 +/- 30 mW at 100%, adjustable in 10% increments
Display High Brightness & High Resolution Touch Screen
Software TOS EX(Embedded), & TID EX Software (PC)
Data Formats .txt, .csv, .spc
Libraries Narcotics, Pharmaceutical Drugs, Cutting Agents, Precursors, Toxic & Common Chemicals, and More (third party libraries supported). Optional: Explosives* and CWAs*
Connectivity Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, & USB
Battery Nanoram® OS (Embedded), Nanoram® ID (PC)
Data Formats .txt, .csv, .spc
Connectivity Ethernet, WiFi
Battery Rechargeable Li-ion, >4 hrs continuous operation
Weight ~ 3.4 lbs (1.545 kg)
Size 9.8 x 4.3 x 2.4 in (250 x 110 x 60 mm)
Operating Temperature -10°C to +50°C
Protection IP68 (MIL STD 810g drop and waterproof tested)













Key Features
Customized Libraries: Add user-created library items quickly & easily to stay one step ahead of emerging threats.

Nondestructive Analysis
Increase user safety by scanning through plastics, bottles and other translucent packaging materials.

Critical Component Mixture ID:
Able to identify components and threat level within a mixed sample.

On-board Camera:
Take photos at the scene and record any sample info using the onboard camera; photos and notes are included in the test report.

Manage data, send results, update software/libraries and more through USB or secured wireless Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection.

Safety Info on Screen:
GHS and NFPA704 safety information displays in addition to red, yellow and green result screens provide immediate visual safety information.

Touch Screen Quick Notes:
Add custom notes to a scan result anytime, anywhere with the touch screen interface.

TacticOne Response®:
Add custom notes to a scan result anytime, anywhere with the touch screen interface.



*Note: This item may be subject to US Export control to some territories.
BW Tek TacticID 1064 Handheld Spectral Analysis Instrument.


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