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Kustom Signals

Kustom Signals


Kustom Signals is a leading public safety technology company dedicated to serving the traffic safety equipment needs of law enforcement. Kustom designs, manufactures and markets innovative Radar, Lidar, Video solutions and Speed calming devices. For more than 50 years, we’ve been right there with you, meeting your demands, expanding your capabilities and extending your reach.


• Driving innovation in the law enforcement industry
• Delivering superior product performance through user-centric engineering
• Offering unrivaled service & support, anywhere in the world.
• Continuing our tradition of excellence

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  • The reliable choice for hand-held Directional K-Band RADAR.

    • Simple interface with LCD graphics
    • Ability to track multiple targets with Digital Signal Processing
    • Available in hand-held or as a dash mounted device.
    • High Performance, Low Power
    • Longer battery operating times


    • Manage users and rights
    • Manage device parameters such as units, time zone, location code, Bluetooth settings
    • Case management of video records
    • Localization support (multiple languages with pull down menu)
    • Track devices by GPS
    • New languages easily added


    • Front and Rear Scan Mode switches display to the target of interest (patent pending)
    • Faster processing provides greater targeting range and improved target acquisition
    • TruTrak™ with patent pending Wireless Speed Sensing (WSS) eliminates VSS and controversial OBD II use
    • Improved performance in poor weather (WSS)
    • Automatic radar log stores locked target data, fork tests and GPS marked location to internal memory easily downloaded to spreadsheet.
    • eFork™ electronic tuning fork in remote control replaces traditional tuning forks
    • Advanced tuning fork test method with mandatory option simplifies testing procedures (patented)
    • Fan noise and interference learning
    • Recertification notification with optional lock out (patent pending)
    • DuraTrak™ tracking bars improve target confidence (patented)
    • QuikTrak™ one button target tracking with lock (patented)


    • Video LIDAR for comprehensive tracking history
    • AutoTrak: Auto zoom with target tracking simplifies use
    • Bluetooth wireless roadside printing
    • Powered by ProLaser 4 for superior performance.


    • Two sizes available: 10” or 12” characters
    • Flashing digit violator alert
    • Red-Blue light bar violator alert
    • White LED strobe violator alert
    • Interchangeable MUTCD signs: Your Speed (included); School Zone, Work Zone, and Speed Limit (optional)
    • Traf­c Data included
    • Digital posted speed limit mode
    • School zone 365 day calendar


    • Faster target acquisition
    • Greater range: 10 to 8,000 feet
    • Smaller, lighter profile; only 2.5 lbs.
    • Eight (8) AA rechargeable batteries and charger included*
    • Simple user interface; one touch controls
    • High contrast OLED graphical display
    • Speed and range in HUD
    • Event Record in internal memory
    • Rugged, forward-sweep pistol handheld grip design
    • Hogue® Cobblestone over-sleeve grip and proportioned finger  grooves
    • IP67 certified for water and dust
    • 3 year warranty included*



    • Flexible operation (handheld or dash-mount)
    • Corded removable handle
    • Target speed lock


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Integrys Public Safety and Security provides market-leading technology solutions to police departments, border security agencies, correctional facilities and other such operations where people are in harms way. A sub-brand of the ACA subsidiary Integrys, Integrys Public Safety and Security focuses on video and video management, particularly in situations where evidential information is required.

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