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Capita-EvidenceWorks® Secure Digital Solutions

EvidenceWorks® is the UK’s leading solution for the management of digital evidence. Components of the suite are in use in 15 UK Police forces and Criminal Justice agencies ranging from standalone interview recording units to a fully networked, multi-media solution encompassing interviews, CCTV, Body Worn Video, Crime Scene imagery and public provision media. Capita-EvidenceWorks Secure Digital Solutions

Over 1000 EvidenceWorks® purpose designed evidential interview recording units have managed 1 million recordings across the UK and is the widest used networked interview recording solution in the UK.

The use of digital technology is expanding exponentially to cover all aspects of life. To handle the vast volumes from digital sources Police and Criminal Justice agencies worldwide need to deploy robust solutions to effectively capture, ingest, secure, analyse, use and share all this potentially evidential material.

Capita-EvidenceWorks Secure Digital Solutions

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  • 911eye enables a caller with a smartphone to stream Live footage, direct from their phone’s camera, into the Communications Center, providing vital live footage that allows dispatchers to make more informed decisions on mobilising the correct resources.

    • Secure, one-time-use link sent by text message
    • Works on any smart device and operating system – using SMS ensures widest possible take-up – No app required
    • Real-time Live video stream viewable by Dispatcher
    • Maintains voice contact with caller while images are transmitted
    • Still images available in Lower signal coverage
    • Secure cloud-hosted service and 15027001 Information Security assurance
    • Confirms caller location to speed response
    • Can reduce hoax call mobilisations
    • Integrates with Command and Control platform
    • Share link with responder’s mobile device
    • Share link with partner agencies


    • Interfaces to multiple controlled sources of media
    • Ability to handle media from uncontrolled sources either through direct interfaces or via third party solutions
    • Fully MoPI compliant
    • Integrated with Records Management Systems and other existing Police systems
    • Integrated workflow management
    • Full search, retrieve, edit and share functionality
    • Full access, security and activity audits


  • EvidenceWorks® Interview Recording Solution (IRS) is the UK’s market leading solution and proven digital interview recording technology for capturing evidentially sound recordings of interviews with suspects, victims and witnesses. The system is used widely across UK Police Forces and other UK and International government agencies including the International Courts of Justice where the evidential integrity of the interview is of paramount importance.


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