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Thank you to all who attended!

Integrys Public Safety and Security would like to thank everyone for making the 2018 CACP Annual Conference a great success. Representatives fromCapita (Neil Chivers), Coban (David Hinojosa) and PIPS Technology (Louis Wershaw, not in photo) were present along with Brett Vernon, Business Development Manager.
Capita’s Evidence Works digital evidence management platform and interview room recording system and their 911eye real-time video situational awareness system were well received. Also generating a lot of interest was the Coban FOCUS H1 artificial intelligence In-Car Video system. Plus PIPS demonstrated their new Multi-Lane ALPR camera, the TS-500.
For further information on any of the products featured at the conference, feel free to



Blue Line Expo 2018




“Building Resilience by Not ‘Shoulding’ on Yourself”

The way we think about situations and the stories we tell ourselves about them impact our mood, self-confidence, work effectiveness, and relationships.

This workshop, presented by Dr. Stephanie M. Conn, First Responder Psychology, Licensed Psychologist/Author, addresses the oftentimes unconscious and maladaptive manners of thinking and feeling that undermine our resilience. These thoughts may be related to critical incidents such as inappropriate trauma-related guilt. These maladaptive ways of thinking also occur, worsening daily stressors encountered on and off the job.

Strategies for becoming aware of and intentionally countering these resilience thieves are offered to promote resilience during adversities, large and small.

What you will learn:
– Attendees will identify thinking and language patterns that hinder resilience
– Attendees will identify more adaptive, resilience-promoting manners of thinking

Over 50 vendors bringing you the latest in technology, services & products from the law enforcement, corrections & security industries. Blue Line Expo 2018

• Firearms & Accessories • Training Tips • Footwear & Clothing • Police Vehicle Systems • K9 Gear • Tactical Gear • Electronics • UAVs • Toughbooks • And More

Utilizing Drones in Police Work
Colin Giles
The UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems) program co-ordinator, Aviation Services with the Ontario
Provincial Police.
Smart Policing in Smart Cities

Peter Sloly
Former deputy chief of Toronto Police Service, partner and national security & justice lead at Deloitte Canada.

The Legalization of Marijuana & Drug-Impaired Driving

Rachel Huggins
Law enforcement policy development, Public Safety Canada.

From Policy to Pilots: A Panel on Body Worn Cameras

Tim Berthiaume
The Chief of Police of the Amherstburg Police Service in Ontario.

Who should attend?

  • Police chiefs
  • Police service procurement staff
  • Customs officers
  • Military, local, municipal, provincial and aboriginal police
  • Federal and provincial corrections officers
  • RCMP
  • Security Professionals
  • Fire chiefs and other fire department personnel
Blue Line Expo 2018

The CACP Information, Communication & Technology Committee Workshop

P International Association Chiefs Police
ICT 2018CACP Information Communication Technology Committee

A Roadmap: Critical to Your Future Success – Are You Ready?

**Please note workshop sessions will only be offered in English** CACP Information Communication Technology Committee

Click here for the workshop agenda

Click here for the workshop brochure

Workshop Objectives           

  • Provide different approaches to developing an IM/IT Roadmap to ensure IT is aligned with the future of the organization
  • Share feedback from Canadian police leaders based on the CACP 2017 Conference
  • Provide greater understanding, leadership and support for the Communications Interoperability Strategy for Canada (CISC) and the Canadian Community Safety Information Management Strategy (CCSIMS)
  • Build a true commitment to operational and technical interoperability
  • Build a sustainable approach to introducing and optimizing technology to support police operations
  • Leverage advanced Business Intelligence & Analytics based on real-world successes
  • Provide attendees with toolkits and sample documents to speed up delivery
  • Provide insights on Privacy and other emerging impacts on police organizations
  • Study the successful approach of innovators in law enforcement
  • Provide leadership in Mobile Device Management
  • Provide leadership in Digital Evidence Management
  • Provide insights into the increasing sophistication of Cyber Attacks
  • Explore the changing landscape of Cyber Crime
  • Explore Next Generation capabilities such as Next Generation 9-1-1 and body worn video.

Target Audience                    

Law Enforcement leaders, practitioners and IT Directors from:

  • Police
  • Justice
  • Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Other public safety providers
  • Government agencies (federal, provincial, territorial, municipal)
  • Academic and research institutions
  • Industry.

 Conference Working Group

  • Superintendent Brendan Dodd, Windsor Police Service & Co-Chair, Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police, Information and Communications Technology Committee
  • Chief Superintendent Richard Philbin, M.O.M., Ontario Provincial Police & Co-Chair, Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police, Information and Communications Technology Committee
  • Senior Director Eldon Amoroso (Ret.), O.O.M., London Police Service & Coordinator, Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police, Information and Communications Technology Committee
  • Daniel Charlebois, Defence Scientist, Centre for Security Science, Defence Research and Development Canada
  • Daniel Steeves, Chief Information Officer, Ottawa Police Service
  • Kevin Wennekes, Chief Business Officer, CATAAlliance
  • Kathy Wunder, Director of Information Technology, Vancouver Police Department
  • Veronica Sutherland, Project Coordinator, Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police
  • Sara Sowieta, Project Administrator, Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police
CACP Information Communication Technology Committee

112th Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police Annual Conference


 Welcome to Montreal click for video
We are pleased to invite you to the 112th Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police Annual Conference in Montréal, Québec July 16-19, 2017.
Montréal – a captivating blend of old and new, with stone-
walled restaurants, iconic festivals and a cutting-edge arts scene. Old in soul, but young at heart, Montréal has a storied past that includes a First Nations settlement, a French colony and a British stronghold. Its name comes from its centerpiece—the majestic Mont Royal, a gentle mountain that, throughout history, has been its backbone and backyard. In 2017, Montréal will celebrate its 375th anniversary and will share with the world its joyous spirit that is bright and energetic, intriguing and pulsating with life. Come and experience the joie de vivre.


112th Canadian Association Chiefs Police Annual Conference

BCAP/CACP Police Leadership Conference

April 9-11, 2017 – Vancouver, BC – The Westin Bayshore

Integrys Public Safety & Security looks forward to welcoming attendees at the upcoming Police Leadership Conference. This three-day event co-hosted by the British Columbia Association of Chiefs of Police and the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police is Canada’s largest police leadership conference and provides an opportunity for delegates to hear leadership topics discussed by world-renowned speakers.

The 2017 conference theme is “Leadership Through Crisis”. The conference will provide delegates from the police community with insights into what is necessary to navigate through crisis and succeed; it will do so by bringing together experts who will provide real-life accounts of the crises they have encountered and their pathways to leadership through difficult times.

At the conference Integrys Public Safety & Security will showcase: Capita’s EvidenceWorks, a leading digital evidence management technology platform with components ranging from standalone interview recording units to a fully networked, multimedia solution encompassing interviews, CCTV, body-worn video, crime scene imagery and public provision media; and Coban’s The FOCUS™ ecosystem, including body cameras, in-car video systems, new software applications, and other intelligent devices that work together to deliver a safer and more efficient environment for the officer, while providing the agency greater transparency.

Integrys at CANSEC 2016

CANSEC 2016, Canada’s Global Defence & Security Trade Show, was held in nation’s Capital May 25-26, and the Integrys Public Safety and Security team was there to take in all the action. Along with partners CohuHD, RGB Spectrum and General Micro Systems (GMS), Integrys Public Safety and Security showcased military video and computing technologies to many of Canada’s defence industry leaders.

CANSEC is Canada’s largest defence and security show, and was a great place to showcase new technologies such as CohuHD’s RISE 4360HD  video positioner which can withstand hurricane force winds while capturing HD video.

The RGB Spectrum QuadViewUHD, a high performance Ultra High Definition Quad screen splitter capable of displaying up to four sources on a single display in any configuration, had attendees stopping and lingering at the Integrys Public Safety and Security booth.

Also generating lots of interest was GMS displayed Mil-Spec computers such as the new King Cobra S2U rack mount server. The king Cobra has unmatched performance, scalability and functionality in a 2U envelope.  It is designed to replace as much as 8U worth of traditional Rack Mount computers and peripherals into a 2U space.

CANSEC 2017 planning is already underway, and the Integrys Public Safety and Security hopes to see familiar and new faces next year. To find out about CohuHD, RGB Spectrum or General Microsystems call or email the Integrys Public Safety and Security team today.

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