Blue Line Expo 2018

Blue Line Expo 2018




“Building Resilience by Not ‘Shoulding’ on Yourself”

The way we think about situations and the stories we tell ourselves about them impact our mood, self-confidence, work effectiveness, and relationships.

This workshop, presented by Dr. Stephanie M. Conn, First Responder Psychology, Licensed Psychologist/Author, addresses the oftentimes unconscious and maladaptive manners of thinking and feeling that undermine our resilience. These thoughts may be related to critical incidents such as inappropriate trauma-related guilt. These maladaptive ways of thinking also occur, worsening daily stressors encountered on and off the job.

Strategies for becoming aware of and intentionally countering these resilience thieves are offered to promote resilience during adversities, large and small.

What you will learn:
– Attendees will identify thinking and language patterns that hinder resilience
– Attendees will identify more adaptive, resilience-promoting manners of thinking

Over 50 vendors bringing you the latest in technology, services & products from the law enforcement, corrections & security industries. Blue Line Expo 2018

• Firearms & Accessories • Training Tips • Footwear & Clothing • Police Vehicle Systems • K9 Gear • Tactical Gear • Electronics • UAVs • Toughbooks • And More

Utilizing Drones in Police Work
Colin Giles
The UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems) program co-ordinator, Aviation Services with the Ontario
Provincial Police.
Smart Policing in Smart Cities

Peter Sloly
Former deputy chief of Toronto Police Service, partner and national security & justice lead at Deloitte Canada.

The Legalization of Marijuana & Drug-Impaired Driving

Rachel Huggins
Law enforcement policy development, Public Safety Canada.

From Policy to Pilots: A Panel on Body Worn Cameras

Tim Berthiaume
The Chief of Police of the Amherstburg Police Service in Ontario.

Who should attend?

  • Police chiefs
  • Police service procurement staff
  • Customs officers
  • Military, local, municipal, provincial and aboriginal police
  • Federal and provincial corrections officers
  • RCMP
  • Security Professionals
  • Fire chiefs and other fire department personnel
Blue Line Expo 2018

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