BCAP/CACP Police Leadership Conference

April 9-11, 2017 – Vancouver, BC – The Westin Bayshore

Integrys Public Safety & Security looks forward to welcoming attendees at the upcoming Police Leadership Conference. This three-day event co-hosted by the British Columbia Association of Chiefs of Police and the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police is Canada’s largest police leadership conference and provides an opportunity for delegates to hear leadership topics discussed by world-renowned speakers.

The 2017 conference theme is “Leadership Through Crisis”. The conference will provide delegates from the police community with insights into what is necessary to navigate through crisis and succeed; it will do so by bringing together experts who will provide real-life accounts of the crises they have encountered and their pathways to leadership through difficult times.

At the conference Integrys Public Safety & Security will showcase: Capita’s EvidenceWorks, a leading digital evidence management technology platform with components ranging from standalone interview recording units to a fully networked, multimedia solution encompassing interviews, CCTV, body-worn video, crime scene imagery and public provision media; and Coban’s The FOCUS™ ecosystem, including body cameras, in-car video systems, new software applications, and other intelligent devices that work together to deliver a safer and more efficient environment for the officer, while providing the agency greater transparency.

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